Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Public, Non-Politically Correct Display

I have never before done this in public, in front of strangers, without knowing how they'd react. I didn't even realize the words were about to come out of my mouth when I began to speak and share something that has divided people for centuries.

Now that I've got your attention, let me set the scene. I found myself at a fancy catered event. The organizers invited me to serve as a guest judge at this educational leadership event (one of the perks of being an education reporter, I guess).

I had only met the strangers seated at my table 20 minutes earlier, and I did not bring a guest with me. Those strangers by the way were an eclectic group, among them a retired teacher, a public relations coordinator, a marketing specialist, and a state lawmaker.

Stranger Danger Too Close to Home

I have had the stranger danger talk with my 8 year old son so much that he now recites in the most sarcastic tone he can muster, "I know mom, don't talk to strangers. Don't get close to their car, and never, ever go anywhere with them, EVEN if they offer candy, a puppy or a million dollars."

Perhaps the over protective mom in me has over done it? Could I have, by repeating myself so often, done exactly the opposite of what I intended. I want him to be so scared of being kidnapped, that he wouldn't dare venture too far from my side in a store, and is armed with enough tips that he can avoid being snatched.