Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Act Your Age? How Dare They!


When I received this in the mail, I thought there must be some mistake. I flipped it over and the woman on the back looked even more mature than the one on the front.

I checked and double-checked, that was MY name on the envelope. Whoever is in charge of researching this magazine's target audience was way off!

I am still in my thirties, and peeved that they think I would be interested in their magazine, which boasts "more thoughtful", "interesting" articles that reflect the "things that matter."

The kind of articles that a woman of "my age" would apparently appreciate and enjoy more than the smut offered in Cosmopolitan, the "out of your reach" couture clothing in Vogue, or the 6-pack abs and buns of steel exercises "you'll only look at, but never do" in Fitness magazine. That wasn't the sales pitch, just my two cents worth.

My husband got a great laugh at my expense as I whined I am not yet a mature woman. I didn't mean I was immature, just not ready to rush into my forties and fifties. Then we both laughed as I skimmed the packet which previewed this magazine that promises MORE, and I found myself saying, "I might like this."

Still, I think I'll relish the last couple of years I have in my thirties. I'll choose to occasionally flip through those twenty-something magazines when I'm visiting the salon, pretending it doesn't irritate me that they make it seem my life will end without the latest designer handbag or perfect lipstick shade.

I'll grow old gracefully, when I'm good and ready, dammit! Until then, I'll blame Oprah for this marketing mistake, and those long, thoughtful, feel good articles in O magazine that I occasionally like to read. I'm sure her people are to blame.

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