Monday, April 30, 2012

A Letter to My Younger Self: Interesting Idea

I recently read a magazine article encouraging women, write a letter to your younger self. It would work well for men too. Two questions: 1) Have you ever wished you knew then what you know now? and  2) What would you tell your younger self?

The challenge, write the letter to you, as you were twenty years ago. Oh, wow, where do I start?

I recently attended my 20th high school reunion, and realized the view I had of myself then was far from reality. I had more friends than I thought, I was cuter than I thought (aside from the 80's hair), I was smarter than I allowed myself to believe, and people had fonder memories of me than I have of myself.

So here's a portion of what I might say to that girl, just getting her feet wet in college, on the verge of entering the great big, real world that she couldn't wait to see.

Miss fair skinned, green-eyed, freckle faced girl,

Slow down! There's no rush to live life. One day you'll look back on this time as one of the best times of your life.

When your phone rings, there is always a friend on the other end of the line wanting to talk, or plan a big road trip that you'll actually take. Yoga, swimming in the lake, date night, dancing on the town, playing racquetball until all hours of the night, spur of the moment slumber parties, spelunking, and taking a boat out on the lake, so many choices and time to do them all!

College won't last as long as you think it will. Term papers will quickly turn into career deadlines.

You will break hearts, and have your heart broken more than once. True love feels much different than puppy love. 

You are smarter than you realize. You are worth far more than you realize right now, ten or even fifteen years from now. The bumps you hit in the road while finding your way will make you so much stronger in the long run.

You will need thicker skin than you ever realized. The thought, you can sleep when you're  dead, will catch up with you. You are not Superwoman, but should be bold and believe in yourself. 

Stop trying to be such a people pleaser. Not everyone will like you, you can't make them, and that's OK.

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve only hurts you. It's OK to speak up! It's never OK to be taken advantage of because you're too nice to speak up!

One day you will achieve more than you once believed you could, and still feel that you haven't done enough. Keep striving for more, but take time to appreciate all you've accomplished.

Never allow someone else's negative attitude to reflect on your own outlook. Never be afraid to take any job. One day your hard work will be rewarded.

You will feel slapped in the face, more than once, for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. Do it anyway!

Stay away from bad boys, alcohol, fast cars, and shallow friends. Taking risks does not apply here. Peach is NOT your color, and blue eye shadow doesn't look good on anyone!

Don't ever let your standards, beliefs, or self worth be compromised! Stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

You won't know what real love is for at least another decade. The moment you lay eyes on your child, everything else you thought was important will dim in comparison.

Ask God for guidance, and follow where he leads.

Learning to love you more everyday,

I can't wait for the next twenty years!



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